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My trainings include Beginning Sandplay or Sandplay Basics, as well as more advanced courses. Of primary importance is individual work in sandplay for the intern or therapist who chooses to include sandplay in her repertoire. All trainings include some experiential time so that the immediacy and intimacy of this technique can be felt. Training for agencies vary as to length of time from 2 hours to more extensive work.

Additional workshops center on the transition from menopause into the last stage of life, into the

crowning of one’s life and accomplishments as they evolve into women’s wisdom. These workshops

include experiential exercises and a discussion of the goddess archetypes Hetis, Hecate, Metis, and Sophia.

Upcoming Workshops:


Saging: A Journey into the Realm of Feminine Wisdom

~Embodying the Crone

Saturday November 17, 2012 – Visalia, California


Sandplay Basics

Thursday, September 6, 2012 – Grass Valley, California


The following trainings are available for Continuing Education Credit

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Sandplay Basics

This workshop will serve as an introduction to the art of sandplay. It is appropriate for those who are considering extending their therapeutic repertoire and who wish to know more about the application of sandplay therapy with both adults and children. We will discuss the basic theory behind the work including symbolic process and the value of image in healing as expressed by Dora Kalff and C.G. Jung. This workshop will be held in a small group format, limited to twelve participants, who will engage in an active process of discovery in order to experience the power and immediacy of sandplay. Topics to be covered include indications in treatment and “how to’s” on setting up a sandplay room.

As a psychoterapist for 25 years, sandplay has been an integral part of the work I do. It is a passion and a gift. In this workshop, I hope to impart some of the beauty and mystery that the sandplay process holds in psychotherapy.

This course is approved by the BBS for 6 hours of Continuing Education Credit
The workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Sandplay…going deeper

Come for a day of exploration into the sandplay process. This will be an opportunity for those who have already had an introduction to sandplay and would like to deepen their work with myth, symbol, and meaning.

We will engage common archetypal themes as they manifest in sandplay and throughout the process of individuation. Drawing on the work of C.G. Jung and Dora Kalff, we will explore the stages of sandplay for both adults and children and the value of the symbolic process in healing.

Sandplay and Dreams: A Night Sea Journey

Sandplay is like a waking dream, a reverie that takes the sandplayer into a deep connection with unconscious process. At this workshop, we will explore the relationship between the dreaming state and sandplay and how these activities enhance and inform the process of individuation in psychotherapy. We will explore the mythic motif of a night sea journey, also called the dark night of the soul, in order to amplify and elucidate the symbolic process. It is fitting that in the dark of winter as we await the return of the light, that we address this theme of inner journey.

In this workshop, each participant will have an opportunity to work in the sand tray with a witness (if they so choose), so that each person has a felt sense of the possibilities inherent in sandplay. Depth psychology has been my passion for 25 years. It is my pleasure to share with others the extraordinary potential of sandplay as a vehicle for healing.